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Mask, Moisturiser And Primer All In One Review


I have only been using this product for a couple of days and I absolutely LOVE this!
I HATE putting on a moisturiser and eye-cream followed by A primer because I feel like i’m putting too much onto my skin and my skin doesn’t absorb the products even when I wait in between applying them! This product was in my latest glossy box and I am so grateful to receive this product as this now will be one of my go to skincare and makeup prep!
You only need a small bead size of this product to cover all of you face. The product is so easy to distribute around your face without the feeling of pulling and clogging up your pores, the product then become A little tacky which makes my foundation and concealer stick perfectly!

This product retails at £30 with free postage  from the website ( click here ) but this is honestly A MUST if you are like me and hate applying various creams before applying makeup!



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