Primark Candle Display


Hey guys! So I thought I would share with you my Primark candle display in my living room. Primark do the most amazing smelling candles at really cheap prices and if you are like me and go through candles like anything Primark is the one for you! i have come across a few scents that i really do like at Primark especially the vanilla!  On my living room coffee table I have displayed in a tray my Eiffel Tower which was actually purchased when I visited Paris last year.IMG_0482

The front candle I have displayed is the new scent watermelon papaya which has the most cutest packaging! The scent is so sweet & refreshing! IMG_0483This candle only cost £1.50!!! I picked up 2 backups of this scent for when I run out! Also the little jar can be cleaned out after the candle is finished and used to store little trinkets!IMG_0480

The two candles placed behind are both the wild orchid & honey scented candles! This scent is my fave scent so far from Primark! I also have these dotted around in my bedroom!IMG_0481These candles retail at £1.00 each!!!


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